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Liberty Knobs

antique iron knob                satin nickel knob                glass knob
- Antique Iron Knob                           - LIberty Satin Nickel and                   - Clear Acrylic Faceted Ball
- Liberty Hardware Collection           Black Ceramic Knob                            Knob Chrome Base
- D. Lawless Price: $2.54                - Liberty Hardware                               - Liberty Hardware
                                                              - D. Lawless Price: $2.55                  - D. Lawless Price: $2.80


Liberty Pulls

oil rubbed bronze pull     satin nickel pull            bright brass pull
- Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pull            - Liberty Classic Satin Nickel              - Bright Brass Wavey Pull
- Liberty Hardware Cup Pulls                Pull                                                        - Liberty Fusilli Pull
  Collection                                             - Liberty Hardware Product                  - D. Lawless Price: $3.00
- D. Lawless Price: $4.24                    - D. Lawless Price: $2.36


Liberty Hinges

nickel european hinge           steel butt hinge               flat black self closing hinge
- 110 Degree Euro Hinge                      - Round Single Steel Butt Hinge         - Flat Black 3/8" Inset/Offset
   Opening Inset                                       - Liberty Product                                        Self Closing HInge Pair
- Liberty Easy-Clip Concealed              - D. Lawless Price: $0.47                     - Liberty Product
  Hinge System, nickel plated                                                                                  - D. Lawless Price: $2.47
- D. Lawless Price: $1.25


Liberty Hooks

satin nickel hook                                                       oil rubbed bronze coat hook                                    solid brass coat hook
- Liberty Satin Nickel Coat Hook               - Liberty Oil Rubbed Bronze              - Liberty Solid Brass Coat
- Heavy duty two prong                                  Coat Hook                                            Hook
- D. Lawless Price: $3.00                           - Ball end two prong                           - Two prong double coat
                                                                         - D. Lawless Price: $4.04                  - D. Lawless Price: $2.45


Liberty Backplates

polished brass knob backplate           antique brass knob backplate                        mission black backplate
- Fleur De Lis Polished Brass              - Antique Brass Knob Backplate             - Mission Black Textured
  Knob Backplate                                     - Liberty Hardware Product                         Vertical Backplate
- Liberty Hardware Traditional              - D. Lawless Price: $1.60                         - Liberty, small drop ring
- D. Lawless Price: $0.92                                                                                             - D. Lawless Price: $3.47


Liberty Catches and Latches

magnetic cabinet door catch          double magnetic touch latch                   magnetic catch with strike
- Magnetic Cabinet Door Catch          - Double Magnetic Touch Latch        - Positive Econo Magnetic
- Liberty, brown                                      - Liberty, black                                          Catch w/ Strike White
- D. Lawless Price: $0.25
                    - D. Lawless Price: $0.79                  - Liberty, single magnetic catch
                                                                                                                                  - D. Lawless Price: $0.72